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Reading Intervention Receives National Recognition

October 8, 2012

Last March, I wrote about an exciting “cutting edge” reading intervention that we planned to pilot at TES. The program is a brain compatible and technology enhanced solution that addresses physical / biological issues that can cause difficulty in reading. The program is Fast ForWord and is provided by the Scientific Learning Corporation.
What are some of the gains that students make?
• Increased self-esteem
• A new excitement towards learning
• Better listening and communication skills
• Improved ability to follow directions
• Improved reading abilities
• Better academic performance
National Press Release:
The pilot that took place at TES involved 12 students and was a great success. Our school district recently received recognition on the national level via a press release generated by Scientific Learning.
Scientific Learning’s press release in reference to Dr. Paula Tallal being named NJ inventor of the year includes our Action Research results generated from our Fast ForWord reading intervention pilot project. The press release has been carried by NBC MSN News and Yahoo News, etc. Click on the two press releases that are listed below:


Yahoo News
In light of the success, we plan to expand our program this year to OTS. Currently, we are working out the logistics so that we can provide the intervention on a larger scale to the identified students. We also plan to implement The Reading Assistant Pilot later in November.
Thank You!
I cannot say enough about the excellent effort put forth by our pilot group teachers…Donna Lance, Megan Verderamo, Joan Condren, Krista Kovalsky, Brenda Votta, and Karen Morrow. It is not easy. It takes training and hard work by the teachers and the students. Teachers from TES and OTS received additional training during the TQI (Teacher Quality Institute – A week long professional development program that took place after school let out last June). Also, it is important to note that the Tewksbury Education Foundation (TEF) provided the funds that were needed to implement the pilot program. The support of the Board of Education was also a critical contributing factor that led to the implementation and ultimate success.
It is a pleasure to be able to work with a staff that embraces innovation and is willing to pilot programs that have the potential to make a difference!

Jim Gamble